Organisational Training

Building Resilience

This workshop helps delegates to understand stress and build resilience.

Stress is often unacknowledged by individuals, managers and organisations – ideal conditions for the negative consequences of stress to fester and grow. However, by understanding the stress process and the influence of personal and environmental factors, it is possible not only mitigate these negative effects, but also transform people’s experience of pressure and challenge into something positive.

This workshop explains the stress process and helps delegates develop practical techniques to build resilience. The workshop covers the following topics:

  • Recognising stress in ourselves and others.
  • Personal resources – understanding personality and coping strategies.
  • Developing strategies to build personal resilience.
  • Using environmental moderators (control and support) to harness stress and boost performance.

Dealing Positively with Change

Change happens all the time – and while we do not always have control over the changes that affect us, we can decide how we deal with these changes. This workshop will provide an understanding of the change process, why we can find change difficult, and a practical approach to dealing proactively with change. This workshop is appropriate for all staff who are interested in understanding more about change and how to deal with change positively.


  • To give delegates an understanding of the change process and typical responses to change.
  • To provide a practical approach to dealing with change positively.

Encouraging Innovation

Innovation is essential in business and yet it is sometimes difficult to encourage. Organisations often have a narrow view of what innovation is and restrict those who can be involved. Innovation is frequently only seen as the generation of ideas, but this fails to recognise, and therefore include, people with different personalities who can contribute to the process of innovation. People are often labelled as ‘creative’ or ‘not creative’, which misses the fact that, in the right circumstances, everyone can be creative and that a range of talents are needed in order to innovate effectively.

This workshop is designed to explore the concept of innovation. It helps people to recognise where, in the innovation process, they are most likely to make their greatest contribution, and it helps people to appreciate and value the sort of ideas they are likely to have, and where such ideas can have their biggest organisational impact.

The workshop will cover:

  • What is innovation?
  • The process of innovation
  • How personality type impacts innovation (based on MBTI)
  • How to encourage innovative ideas from all personality types.

Motivating Teams

Motivated teams perform better. However, for teams to be motivated a number of factors need to be in place. This workshop uses the Action Centred Leadership model to explore the factors that impact team performance. This model provides a useful management framework for all team leaders who are interested in team motivation. This workshop looks at:

  • Achieving the task – setting the direction for the team, planning and controlling tasks.
  • Managing the team – setting team standards and developing team-working and co-operation.
  • Managing the individuals – understanding the skills and strengths of individual team members, using good communication skills to provide praise and feedback when needed.

Taken together, this framework provides an effective blueprint for managers and team leaders to encourage high-performing, motivated teams.