Why train your your staff?

Because, very simply, people are your most important asset. Here are some of the benefits  that organisations gain from training:

  1. Increased staff productivity & quality of work.
  2. Increased competitive advantage.
  3. Reduced staff turnover and absenteeism.
  4. Helping staff to meet new responsibilities quickly.
  5. Increased job satisfaction, morale and motivation.
  6. Improved customer satisfaction.
  7. Helping the organisation adapt to a rapidly changing world.
  8. Preparing staff for organisational growth.
  9. Lists always look better if you get to 10 items.
  10. Although the 8 points listed are hopefully enough to make you think about training.

Just looking at staff turnover provides a strong case for training. Staff turnover costs British businesses at least £4.13bn every year as new employees take up to eight months to reach optimum productivity levels. The average fee for replacing a departing staff member is £30,614 (Oxford Economics, 2014). There’s no doubt that retaining or retraining staff is often a much more cost-effective solution than replacing.  There’s no doubt that training and retaining staff is often a much more cost-effective solution than replacing.