I have been involved in two of Sheila’s training sessions, Coaching and Mentoring and Supervision and Appraisals.  Both were really informative and have made a difference to the way I manage my staff.  The information I have gained has really assisted in my own development.


Really informative and have made a difference,
Sarah Robertson, Manager, Barchester Healthcare

The training Sheila provided on coaching, appraisals and supervisions was really worthwhile. It has been a huge benefit to the staff, and has really helped them to support each other.

Been a huge benefit to the staff,
Jayne Masterson, Manager, Barchester Healthcare

Sheila has been a training provider for Cambridge Network since 2011.  Sheila has carried out a variety of courses to a number of our members.  She is able to adapt to individual needs and is very approachable and professional.  We always receive excellent feedback after a course and value the association we have.

Adapted to individual needs,
Ali Wilson, Head of Service Delivery, Cambridge Network

CSR have put 70 people through Cambridge Network’s management development programme. The programme has been well received. Team leaders have found it useful and have been able to apply learning back into the business.

Apply learning back into the business,
Carmen Fenton, Senior HR Manager, CSR (Now Qualcomm)

Sheila was interesting, articulate and structured the ‘Managing People for the First Time’ course well. I came away with a lot to think about.

Interesting, articulate and well structured,
Andrew, Brady Plc

The way the ‘Assertiveness Skills’ course was tailored to the needs of the attendees was really good. I feel that I will be able to take on a more active role in discussions about my work and career. Thank you!

Tailored to the needs of the attendees,
Lucy, ARM

I felt that Sheila listened and understood me, she helped me begin the thought process on how/why I approach things the way I do. I do feel that after my sessions, I have been more aware of the way I work, and I am now more conscious of where I need more focus to improve. I have also started to find head space, and time, to have interests out of work, that I’ve always thought about doing but would never commit too – this has been extremely positive!

Sheila listened and understood me,
Jayne, Toys R Us

I found Sheila’s style and approach set a positive tone for the coaching sessions – overall, a very productive experience.

Positive tone for the coaching,
Stuart, GS4

Sheila’s preparation and presentation for HJT is always of the highest quality. Her courses are engaging and her rapport with delegates, which comes from a genuine and obvious enthusiasm for her subjects, is outstanding.

Always of the highest quality,
David Jones, Director, HJT Training