In its simplest form coaching provides the opportunity to think, reflect and plan. The essence of coaching lies in helping others to unlock their potential. Coaching raises self-awareness and identifies choices. The client sets the agenda and the coach and client work together to close the gaps between potential and performance.

The strength of coaching is that the sessions will be tailored to your specific needs. You set the agenda – so the sessions make the best use of your time, and time is precious.

Because the coaching sessions are spread out, perhaps a month apart, this provides you with the opportunity to try out the solutions discussed in the sessions. Reflecting on your actions at the next session really embeds learning. This opportunity to reflect often get squeezed out in our busy lives.

“I recently had coaching sessions with Sheila and I found her a very supportive professional who helped me realise my potential. The sessions were empowering and inspiring and helped to improve my communications skills immensely. Sheila has unwavering passion for positive outcomes and I found this very contagious!”

Norah, Manager, Four Seasons Healthcare